A virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel

In my book on Virtual Travel, I have spoken about how a virtual trip to a museum, art gallery, or other tourist attraction can actually be better than being there. I am not saying that a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel is presently better than being there. But, it is very good indeed. You can actually do a tour, where you have the chapel all to yourself.

Click on or paste this link into your browser:


and you’ll see the Chapel on your screen. Hold left mouse button down and move it around to navigate. Click (+) or (-) to zoom in our out on any aspect of the floor, walls and ceiling.

Now, I’ll grant that this is NOT yet the completely, “as if you were there” experience you will be able to enjoy with virtual travel in about 20 year’s time. But, it is a very good way to absorb the beauty and detail of the work of Michelangelo in a way that you could never do, even by visiting the Sistine Chapel.

With this virtual tour, you have no other visitors to contend with.   Your neck won’t start to ache from constantly looking up at the ceiling.  There is no waiting to get in.  And, you can be there and back with the click of a mouse, instantly.  No airline, no rental car, no hotel required. And best of all, no expense.

Consider this another one of the “baby steps” to virtual travel that I spoke about in my last BLOG before the holidays overtook us.

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