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Great example from reader on baby steps Virtual Travel is already taking!

I got feedback from a reader of my Virtual Travel book. Though I do address this in the book, I probably should have taken it further.  Here’s their very insightful suggestion:

“I really think that adding something about the younger generation and their increasing level of comfort with “virtual” things in general is really going to expedite this revolution and I believe it will lower the barrier to entry. I believe that is something you might want to use in your lectures on the matter. I will share with you a story about a long distance relationship where the woman is a few cities over from me in Europe. While we can see each other every couple of weekends, we video chat on skype generally nightly and we interact throughout the day if we see something interesting we take a snap with our smart phones, add a short caption and shoot it off on email. Like snow in the square in Paris, etc. Even though we are apart, it allows us to share those life experiences as though we were there. Now, I’m gen X, not gen Y, like she is, so I’m a little slower on the uptake, and I’ve never tried this before, but its amazing… its leaps and bounds above what you can do via phone and email alone.”

I thank this reader for this excellent example!  I hope others will share as well.

That’s it for this week. Short and sweet. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season and a great 2011!